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Snapshot pf WKF's Achievements Since its inception

Partnership Engagement: Since its inception, WKF have engaged with different partners from different sectors (state and non-state) including National Government Ministries such as the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government through National Police Service (NPS) and the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Ministry of Health (including engaging with the Government Chemist), Ministry of Gender, Affirmative Action and Social Welfare, the Judiciary, including the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ), Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), National Gender Sector working group and County offices including County Executive Members, County Technical working groups on gender, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Faith Based Organizations, Development Partners, academia among others. WKF enjoys good working relationships with all partners within the criminal justice system and the referral pathway.

Capacity Building, Awareness Raising and Advocacy: Engaged in 60 sessions and radio programs; Training sessions held for different stakeholders – 180 sessions (different stakeholders within the referral pathway i.e., Health, Security, Legal and Psychosocial pillars); 50 Legal Aid Clinics conducted – (quarterly over the years of WKF’s existence); conducted capacity building activities through SSVKenya in 12 counties; reached approximately 15 million people through awareness creation and sensitization activities; training of interviewing skills for preserving and protecting memory evidence, 1,610, SSVKenya Membership spread across all the 47 counties; Lobbied the state for the inclusion of Sexual Violence (SV) as a consequence of COVID–19 pandemic which led to case of sexual violence being prioritized for support parallel to the humanitarian crisis; offered technical support to Makadara Law Courts, Court Users Committees (CUCs).

Cases Handled: Cases of sexual violence reported through Toll-Free line 1519, SV_CaseStudy Mobile Application and SMS platform to report cases of sexual violence amount to 12,740 (female 10,420 – male – 2,320) reported cases of sexual violence through WKF’s various reporting channels. 2,620 cases were directly reported to the police for action while 685 court cases have been supported.

Survivors Support: A total of 3,505 medical assistances offered to survivors; 1800 legal Aid assistance to survivors; 2,905 survivors supported through counselling sessions; Dignity Kits has been distributed; Developed over 100, 280 Survivors linked to safe spaces and shelters and 2,111 Survivors reached and supported through Cash Transfers; 464 survivors engaged in economic empowerment ventures.

Innovation: In 2019, WKF pioneered innovation in the application of tech- nology in the collection of evidence through DNA Kits in low resource settings. 1,200 DNA Evidence Kits distributed to various health facilities across Kenya; A total of 3,010 Visual aid, info/motion graphics centered on sexual violence prevention and response. In collaboration with ActionAid, WKF developed a text messaging plat- form for reporting sexual violence. Launched a Toll-Free line “1519” for survivors to report cases of sexual violence. Developed a mobile application “SV_CaseStudy” to document cases of sexual violence and established Survivors-led Prevention and Response Hub.

Knowledge Products: Engaged in development of up to 10 different research papers in partnership with University of Leicester, University of Birmingham, Urgent Action Fund-Africa and CREAW; Reports to WKF credit include In The Trenches: Data Analysis 2020, Tackling SGBV in the midst of COVID- 19 Pandemic” and “In the Shadows- Male survivors of Sexual Violence Report. The evidence-based knowledge products are purposely used for learning, review of progress and revision of advocacy interventions by WKF and its partners.

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