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Report cases of sexual violence

Legal Aid

Here is what you can expect if you have been sexually assaulted and the case goes to criminal court.

The Police

If you decide to talk to the police about being sexually assaulted, they will ask you many questions. If you want charges to be laid, you must tell them what happened to you. They will make a “statement” for you to sign. This will describe the sexual assault. Do not sign it if you do not agree with everything in it.

You are a Witness

You are the witness to what happened to you. You will have to “testify” (tell your story) in the trial. This means you will see the accused in the court. Whether or not you want to testify, you may receive a ‘subpoena’. This means you must go to court to testify. Be honest. Never lie. If you don’t remember something, say so In court, you will be asked about the statement you signed with the police. During the trial, you will be cross-examined on what you say by the accuser.

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