Restoring Dignity to Survivors of Sexual Violence

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To be a center of excellence in prevention, protection and response in addressing sexual and gender based violence.

Our Vision

A society that is safe and free from all forms of violence.

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Awareness Creation, Healing - Access to Comprehensive Care and Support, Restorative Justice, Advocacy, Financial Freedom.

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In Kenya, Abuse Survivors Find a New Life in Peanut Butter

With no way of supporting their children, many women ar

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Where rape survivors fight for justice amid stigma, trauma

SILENCE BREAKERS The #metoo campaign was covered extens

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Kenya’s “rape taboo” spurs women in slums to report attacks via SMS

"In Kenya, we are socialised to believe sex, sexuality

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Survivors of sexual violence want peace and justice to reign in Kenya

Failure by the government to act on recommendations of

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Building a World free from Gender Based Violence

Wangu Kanja was raped in 2002 during a carjacking incid

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The Survivor Who Was Carjacked, Raped, and Now Fights for Other Victims

He told me to undress, I refused—I said, 'No. What y

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This is Life

Wangu Kanja begins this interview by questioning why pe

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Why Kenyan Men Rape

Miriam Wangu Kanja, was heading home with friends one e

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Kenyan women want justice over post-election sexual violence

Six years after being gang-raped and beaten in front of

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Survivors of Sexual Violence in Kenya Break their Silence

Kenyans are currently awaiting a decision by the Intern

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One third of Kenyan girls subjected to sexual violence – survey

NAIROBI (TrustLaw) – Nearly one in three Kenyan girls

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The Accountability Gap on Sexual Violence in Kenya

This briefing paper reviews the Kenyan government’s r

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Nairobi’s ‘miniskirt’ march exposes sexual violence in Kenya

At the busy intersection of Accra Road and Tom Mboya St

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Slow gains recorded in fight against sexual violence

Personal initiative remains the most effective way of f

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ActionAid Launches the Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Programme

Nairobi, Kenya, ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK) la

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Only Rape Survivors (Like Me) Can Truly Understand What Other Victims Have Gone Through

In 2002, I was car-jacked and raped. Traumatized and sh

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5 inspiring women who’ll show you anything’s possible

Violence against women is a shocking fact of life for o

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Sexual violence in Kenya: ‘To the police, rape wasn’t a crime’

Wangu Kanja was a victim of sexual violence, she is now

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Putting back life’s broken pieces: loving my baby after rape

Women’s bodies were turned into battlefields in the 2

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‘You can either be shot or be raped’

'You can either be shot or be raped'. Brave Kenyan woma

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How peanut butter is changing women’s lives in Kenya

When I think about peanut butter, the first thing that

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