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    Counseling provides a safe, private place where you can deal with your feelings and reactions. A person trained to assist sexual assault victims will understand the unique concerns you have and...
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Wangu Kanja

Carjacked and brutally assaulted, Wangu was shattered. Years later, she has resiliently risen above her trauma and now reaches out to those in need. From the challenges and stigma she went through, Wangu founded The Wangu Kanja Foundation that supports survivors of sexual...
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What to do if you were raped

Get to a safe place as soon as possible.
Article 21 of the Constitution of Kenya imposes a fundamental duty on the State and every State organ to observe, respect, protect, promote and fulfill the rights and fundamental freedoms in the comprehensive Bill of Rights. The same Article goes further to impose a duty upon State organs and all public officers to address the needs of vulnerable groups within society, including women, children, persons with disabilities, youth, members of minority or marginalised communities, etc. and therefore apply human rights based approaches to their work.
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